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Lindsay has a growing list of publications which can be viewed below.
There are theoretical discussions, tune books, orchestral scores, learning materials, CDs and translations. Some are free, some are for sale.

Free to download:

On Teaching Bagpipes

Mantroch - a new tool to help composers

Brain-based Method for Learning to Sing

Amazon original books (US listing but you can go to your local Amazon)

Learning materials

Tutor Book - a reference book on how to play bagpipes

Exercises for Beginners

Simple Jigs

On Teaching Bagpipes (same as free version)

On Teaching Bagpipes (Kindle)

The Place and Potential of Music in the Primary School: A literature review

Tune books

Simple Jigs (as above)

Smallpipe and Borderpipe Collection

L'Homme Arme: Tunes for Medieval Bagpipes (key of G/a)

L'Homme Arme: Tunes for Medieval Bagpipes (key of C/d)

Preliminary Tunes For Gaita

Canntaireachd Collection Volume 1 - kindle

Canntaireachd Collection Volume 1 - print version


Philharmonic Bagpipes

The Kansai Caledonian Collection

The Wedding Collection

Another Way
Another Way
please contact Lindsay

Celtic Triangle
Celtic triangle
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Orchestral Scores

Chamber Symphony

Symphony Number 1


The Swats of Barleyboozle (opera)


Musicality of a Literary Work

Music in Literature: Perspectives of Interdisciplinary Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature: Literature Studies - Cultural Studies

Somatic Criticism Project

The Beginnings of Polish Musicology

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